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Built with Precision to Meet your Business Communication Demands.

AU Telecom is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate into your business framework, ensuring that every facet of your communication needs is not just met but optimized for efficiency and efficacy.

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VoIP Solution for Real State

Real Estate

Develop communication between customers and agents while boosting the success rate of deals through the utilization of AU Telecom, a unified customer communication platform. Empower your agents with robust automations and real-time insights to expedite deal conversions. Foster meaningful customer interactions through intelligent call routing and AI-driven insights. Monitor conversations seamlessly with an integrated platform that is linked with 100+ CRMS and business tools.


With AU Telecom, you can bring patients and staff together on any device through team messaging, phone calls, video conferencing, and a modern interaction center. Allowing patients to meet their providers over a secure browser, AU Telecom supports patient inquiries with a portal-based web chat. Monitor activities and optimize team performance using analytics and AI-driven insights. Safeguard patient data with AU Telecom that adheres to HIPAA compliance standards.

VoIP Solution for healthcare
VoIP Solution for Education


Authorize your faculty and students with a modern communications platform. Elevate your business communication capabilities by implementing automated processes and progressive workflows to achieve scalability. Enable learners to attain a personalized experience through IVR, SMS bots, and intelligent call routing. Upgrade your communications and student engagement by gaining deep insights through conversation intelligence.

Financial Services

Deliver individualized and secure client experiences through AU Telecom's AI-powered capabilities across both voice and SMS channels. Our advanced inbound and outbound competence allows you to seamlessly connect agents with clients, Providing efficient solutions to solve clients' problems by exploiting our AI-based conversation insights. We make sure to secure your data with our exclusive industry security and encryption. .

VoIP Solution for financial Services
VoIP Solution for Retail and ecommerce

Retail & E-Commerce

Create a higher-grade client experience through the integration of SMS and voice communications using AU Telecom. Link with your clients on their desired channels such as phone, WhatsApp inbox, and SMS. Speed up the query resolution rates with our robust inbound call management. Your agents can gain real-time AI-driven guidance to understand the handling of inconvenient customer calls better.