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Putting up a solution you have been looking for with our services is the best thing we do. We have services tailored to meet your needs. Have a look at some of our services.


Leave the hustle of struggling with higher minutes rates, and find the best rates in the industry through us. Our wholesale VoIP rates are cheaper than the market rates without any compromise on the quality.

Call Center Solutions

From outbound predictive dialers to dedicated servers, our services provide everything required to run an inbound and outbound call center. Our experts strive to deliver quality to our customers.

Predictive Dialers

We provide you quality predictive dialers that increase the efficiency of your agents. The best part of our predictive dialers is the ability to manage the number of calls productively.

TPS/DNC Filtering

You get in trouble when you call a TPS number because they pay the government to avoid marketing calls. That’s not an issue when you take our TPS filtering service. We ensure to filter out every TPS number and protect you from trouble.

Dialing Software

Our fast dialing software increase your call center’s productivity. We provide you some best dialing software that are easy to use and offers you many benefits.

Bringing Excellent Leads For Your Business

Our services are designed to take your call center business to the next level. Say no to antique methods of running a call center by introducing the latest technologies. When you switch to our services, you bring yourself everything you’ve been searching for a long time in a single place. We have several decades of experience in call center telephony, and we know what works and what does not. Our expertise enables us to solve digital solutions innovatively.

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Services Include

We provide a complete range of solutions related to inbound and outbound call center problems to help you generate excellent and handsome revenue.

Grow Your Call Center With Quality Services

Our services cover everything related to digital telephone that assists you with your call center needs.

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I purchased their PBX service, and I am delighted with them. Their engineers never hesitate to work an extra inch to develop the solution I was looking for.

David Ethan

I was hesitating to invest in PBX service, but they were excellent. They are capable of providing what they have promised.

Arham Ali

The best thing about IP-based virtual phone service is that it uses the internet to allow you to make calls, host and join conferences, and send and receive faxes and SMS messages from any location. AU telecom offers the best and cheap VoIP service available in the market

– John Cane

A dependable VOIP solution to safely host calls over the internet. Another useful function is voicemail, which allows you to leave a voice message for your coworkers without bothering them. They also have excellent customer support and after-sales service, which ultimately makes them one of the best VoIP phone service providers.

– Samantha Smith

From my personal experience, AU Telecom is among top VoIP providers, offering the best business VoIP services. AU Telecom provides excellent features, such as the best end-to-end encrypted calling with complete security. Multiple devices with various operating systems can connect to the platform. I genuinely enjoy the call's excellent audio quality. We may also keep the recordings in the cloud so that our other users can benefit from them later.

– Alica James

I enjoy that we can view call history, personalize the desktop phone, and control calls online. We also have five different phone numbers to receive. We like that we can set how many rings one of our lines receives on specific desktop phones before it rings on other phones. Don't be misled by the low price. This system can compete with the big players for less than half the price!

– Robert Will

The first and most important consideration is value. AU Telecom offers professional quality software features and performance at an unbelievable price. The VoIP service is rock solid and simple, with ample customization options to fit into any workplace setting. The system was relatively simple to set up. We presently use almost 100 extensions, and adding more stations is very simple with their latest technology. The pricing was also reasonable, and they have excellent customer support.

– Adam Jones

With their VoIP service, you'll get lower international and long-distance rates, minimizing your monthly bill while improving professional collaboration. They provide an excellent and stable VoIP solution for securely hosting phone calls over the internet. Their support staff is also quick and supportive; I would highly recommend AU telecom.

– Rick Miles
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