VICI Dialer is one of the most innovative suits that best work with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone system, helping you run a call center with a single software. The user interface is extremely simple that allows agents to interact easily.

AU Telecom helps you integrate the open-source software with other system applications that eases your work a lot. Your agents will need to operate the software using the web page and make calls according to their requirements.

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My partners and I never knew about the VICI predicted dialer, but we were pretty happy to purchase it when we did proper research. The decision turned out to be a great one.

Joe Ethan

Their VICI predicted dialer helped with the growth of our business. It is straightforward to use, and we are delighted with their services.

Naqi Ahmed
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Vici Dialer provided by us is extremely helpful for companies looking to hire agents from remote positions. Agents only need to log in using an ID and password, which will allow them to make inbound and outbound calls as a whole.

Our experts think out of the box to develop the most innovative VICI dialers available in the market. You will see a tremendous increase in efficiency with our quality VICI predictive dialers.