Information Collection

The website can collect information about users who access this website. We collect your information every time you register on our website or contact us using a form. We will be responsible for accessing most of your data which you fill while using our website. It is prohibited to share content information of other individuals without their permission, and it may lead to the worst consequences. To avoid this, we let you confirm every time you put in some other person's information.

Do We Share Your Personal Information?

No, we don't share your personal information with a third party. Your personal information is saved with us, and we protect every piece of your contact information. All the information provided by you will be kept secure at our priority. You may check different web traffics that will let you know more about the traffic our site gets. As we guarantee not selling your personal information does not mean we will not be selling cookies. These cookies are essential for analyzing web traffic, so we can't avoid making them accessible.

Link of Other Websites

This website may be linked to multiple websites, which does not mean we are responsible for your visits. You will be responsible for your visits to each of the websites. The links that are broken or lead to inappropriate websites can be reported to us using a contact form, but if you visit them and get any harm, we will never be responsible. So, make sure to pay a visit to the website keeping your privacy in mind.

Changes to Website & Privacy Policy

AU Telecom is the owner of this website, and we are never answerable to anyone on the changes made to this website. We may remove content or add anything we want by following the laws without asking anyone. As this website is our intellectual property, we can change our website without notifying any other person. Although we will keep the privacy policy same, we can make changes when we want. So, we always send a dialogue box to be ticked before any action is taken.

Contact Details

If you want to ask anything related to our privacy policy or any other thing, never hesitate to contact us using our contact form or our email. We welcome the suggestions of our valued users but never promise to fulfill your suggestions as all the changes will be made with our will.