AU Telecom provides you the most innovative software for HR management that helps businesses manage their employee’s data effectively. From attendance management to leave management, HRM supplied by us is capable of doing everything. Our mission is to make management easy for IT companies especially call centers, by providing quality HRM software.

Keeping employee records is very important for increasing productivity, and a quality HRM is the only solution for this problem. We ease your company’s payroll management with our HRM software that keeps a record of every information of employees.

Say About Us

My startup company was struggling to keep records of multiple employees at once. So, I decided to purchase an HRM from them. Now, I must say they are indeed the best.

Daniel Charles

I never thought about how HRM can solve the issues of my company. I loved their services as they completely satisfied me.

Mesam Ahmed
mission & vision


Our engineers love being creative and utilize the latest technologies to create a masterpiece. We love solving your company’s problem by providing the most advanced software capable of keeping a record of everything. When you purchase from us, our engineers are always available to offer you any technical help.

We upload each of your employee’s data to reduce your tensions. Now you can leave the hustle of keeping records manually and focus more on business by automating the record-keeping procedure.