Bulk Messages API

Our bulk messages system can be integrated with any software you want and let you run messages or emails on automation. Most call centers generate a lot of revenue by cold mailing and messaging, and our bulk messages service allows you to do that.

AU Telecom has established relationships with multiple SMS carriers worldwide, which helps us automate as many SMS as we want. Letting different SMS providers send messages to your potential customers builds trust that makes them purchase.

Say About Us

I struggled to run my business on automation as I was not getting any good service related to bulk messages. When I learned about them, I decided to purchase them, and I am completely satisfied with their service.

James Conor

Bulk messages and emails became the game-changer for my call center, and I am thrilled I purchased their service.

Farooq Khan
mission & vision


We have created several channels that help us with the automation of messages and emails. Our Bulk SMS system is easy to integrate with different software to run your call center on automation without much hustle.

We have several years of experience in providing call centers with the Bulk SMS service, and we love bringing success to your business with messages and emails. You give yourself an exceptional experience with our unique service that brings you as many leads as you can handle.